Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Having observed a discussion of the various titles used for ministers, and how various ministers don't care for them, or approve of them, or want them, or use them... or wish that there was one that was right... proper... acceptable...
Many titles, one heart.
Many objectives, one task.

All serving hands are these.
I'm struck by all the titles--terms of address--I bear, or have borne. They serve the needs and lips of others, and I'm fine with all of them.

Back to work.

Just, as the old joke has it, don't call me late for dinner.

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Earthbound Spirit said...

The local funeral home guys call me "pastor." They call all the officiants that. And it's appropriate. I'm fine with "pastor." I might like it better than "reverend," which I'm not entitled to (yet). I, too, am weary of the debate.