Sunday, November 05, 2006

With profound regret...

I'm enabling moderation of comments.

Robyn Edgars has chosen to spam this blog, as with so many others, with off-topic remarks which revolve entirely around his bone-bruised ego and a run-in with a number of UUs years ago.

When I can figure out how to filter just his comments, I'll do so. And as long as they're on-topic, and not part of his dog-returning-to-its-vomit routine, I won't filter out those.

Censorship!, I'm sure Robyn will cry. But this isn't a public place. This is my semi-public, private space, and people who misbehave get chastised for it. I don't let guests come and insult me in my home--and if they do, I'm more than willing to show them the door and invite them not to return.

Robyn can have his own blog and complain all he wants to all who want to come listen there.

At this point, he's so abused the patience of a number of bloggers that I have trouble mustering up concern about his complaints.