Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well, this should be interesting

So Scooter Libby's guilty on four of five counts. Valerie Plame really, really was a secret agent and someone in the Bush administration (or, more accurately, several someones) outed her--a felony.

Fitzgerald says he expects no further charges to be filed (expects...).

Libby will appeal. Will Bush pardon (before he's impeached--see Chuck Hagel's remarks...)?

But no one will be brought to justice for revealing a secret agent's identity, even though it not only severely damaged US intelligence gathering and counter-proliferation work (in the Middle East, no less) and may have resulted in the death of a US agent. Or... will they?

With the other news hitting the... well, hitting... today, it's hard to imagine what a good news cycle could be for the administration. There's so much out there waiting to be stepped in, or to explode, that it's implausible. Maybe more Anna Nicole Smiths could die to distract the media.

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Z said...

or, maybe Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan will shave their heads.