Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes... even good news gets overspun

Ok, I want to preface this by saying that I've participated pretty heavily in the UU process on Peacemaking--and that I think this is a very important issue and that I support it.

So, from the official (I think it's official...) UU Peacemakers blog:
Congregations voted to place the Peacemaking Statement of Conscience on the agenda of General Assembly (GA) this summer. The participation rate was 74% (counting "yes," "no," and "abstain" votes), with 38% of congregations voting "yes" and 0.8% voting "no". The remaining congregations either voted "abstain" or did not vote.
74% participated. That's spectacular. Since the old process had seen nothing better (as I recall) than 10% and the new one mandated a minimum of 25% as a sort of "quorum" to permit GA to consider it, I had thought it was setting us up for a lot of failure. I'll take my crow medium, with some BBQ sauce, please.

74% - 38% = 36% -- of whom 35.2% abstained?

What is that about?

It takes energy, effort, time, people... to respond. We've historically mustered a lot of ignorance and apathy over issues.... And now we're seeing active apathy? Or is that conflict, inability to agree on how to respond?

Alas, that 38% in favor looks far less spectacular in that light.

But I look forward to seeing what's next, because--as I said--I think this is really important.


Chalicechick said...

My guess is that those are churches that felt a congregational vote was necessary to not abstain, but didn't feel like putting together a congregational meeting just for that.


ogre said...

That's an interesting idea, CC. If so, it would mark a real sea change in the connectedness of congregations' leadership to the process. Just remembering that we'd not seen more than about 10% participation in the past... and what you've suggested would have over a third feeling that it was important to participate--even if it wasn't important enough to actually *participate*--in the process, to make sure that the 25% bar was met.

That would be pretty impressive.