Saturday, May 16, 2009

Found meanings.

I have rather catholic tastes in music (that's a small c, folks). But still, one has preferences, and blind spots.

My encounters with Alice Cooper's music have been pretty limited--I do recall seeing a film in '72 or '73 that certainly included "School's Out" (a topic perpetually popular with secondary students).

And that's pretty much it (that I'm aware of). My taste for horror is pretty limited, and shock rock left me cold (shock for shock's sake always seemed kind of lame)... and my taste for metal was limited (something that's oddly changed a bit in recent years--I turned my sons onto metal with a fairly obscure Faeroese band, Tyr, that does what I can best describe as Norse folk metal (the idea of Vikings liking heavy metal makes sense to me, at least). Old sagas and epics set to metal rock tunes (mostly), and sung in Faeroese and English).

So when I noticed that a search for "sparks in the dark" showed "sparks in the dark lyrics," I had to go look.

Alice Cooper?

I don't think I ever knew the song. It wasn't the inspiration for the blog's title.

But I'm fond of serendipity.

It's only me and you, babe

is certainly a truth about the relationship of blog(ger) and reader.


Chalicechick said...

He was the guest on for what is my money the best episode of the Muppet Show ever.


ogre said...

Oh man... I've got to find that one on video somewhere. Awesome--just thinking about it!