Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tomorrow... Feb 12...

It's Darwin's birthday (the notorious, mild-mannered Anglican clergyman who wrote books about natural selection).

It's also Lincoln's birthday (the American president noted particularly for his gaunt looks, top hat, and love of jokes).

For both of them, the 200th. 1809 was a good year, clearly.

(Personally, I'm most appreciative of the fact that on Lincoln's 200th birthday, a black American is president of the United States.)

I have to figure out what to toast those three fact with--but I have 24 hours still to figure it out. I'm open to suggestions.


ScottMGS said...

Does this give you any ideas?

ogre said...

For what to toast WITH, Scott?

I'm reasonably familiar with the NAACP--and the fact that one of its organizers was Rev. John Haynes Holmes.

(Shorter form: I'm missing your point.)

ScottMGS said...

I'm not sure I had much of a point. It just struck me that the NAACP is 100 years old today. (Well, the organization, if not the movement.) The progression from the birth of Lincoln in the full flower of slavery to that point one century ago when people of color weren't legally slaves but weren't much better off (if at all) to now. Seems like a model of evolution. Slow change, not inevitable, but with so many inputs that fitness improves. Ah, well. Too early.