Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dream Verse #1

Without much comment. Words from a dream; I'll see if it fills itself back in.

A life spent stacking stones for a great temple

may be as virtuous as

One spent [farming / feeding -- image indecipherable/words obscured]

A life spent stacking souls for God

may be as sinful as

One spent in war, counting bodies of the slain.


ms. kitty said...

OOO, Ogre, that's profound. Go back and get the rest of it.

ogre said...

Laying stones for a cathedral
May be virtuous
As grubbing roots for soup

Collecting souls for God
May be sinful
As counting the enemy slain

Earthbound Spirit said...

Ogre - I think the cold is bringing out hidden depths. I like this a lot.