Monday, May 22, 2006


My little baby younger brother's supposed to be calling me right back. I'm not sure I liked the tone of his voice... and no, that's not whining about his tone with me.

He's got a tentative diagnosis of sarcoidosis; the initial biopsy was inconclusive.

Now they want to do serious exploratory surgery to get a bigger tissue sample to determine what's going on with his lungs (he's down to 50% or less of lung capacity). Assuming it does confirm sarcoidosis, it can be treated--and sometimes it responds after six months of Prednisone or something similar.

Or not. If it responds, he's told he could recover up to 70% of lung capacity.

If not, he'll be a candidate for lung transplant surgery.


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ogre said...

Surgery -- Video assisted thorascopic lung biopsy -- is scheduled for Weds.

We'll find out what they find out about a week later.