Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And now a word from our sponsor...

I'm sure that there are a number of posts I ought to have replied to by now.

I apologize for not having gotten to them, as well as not having pulled three neurons into a circle to try and say something cogent. Or clever. Or just mildly entertaining. Things have been more than a mite busy for the last few days.

Real world stuff. Fellowship stuff. Distractions like deciding to write a sermon instead of a blog post (mea culpa); maybe after I polish it up... I'll post it, after I preach it (May, I'm told).

But right now? It was meetings all day. Mostly Fellowship stuff, and all of it money stuff. My brain hurts and tomorrow I have to help figure out how to help spin straw into an extra half a million bucks.

So I'm going to bed.

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